About us

Who are we?

Copper Andino is a Chilean enterprise that develops technology integrating copper and zinc’s biocide properties into diverse materials in order to bring products that eliminate the spreading of diseases by contact to the hands of the general public and create safer and healthier surroundings.

Luis Améstica Salazar. General Manager

Phd in chemical engineering of University of Notre Dame, USA. Civil engineer in chemistry of University of Chile, after a successful corporate career in large translational enterprises, he begins a little business alongside two partners in 2006 that transforms into what is Copper Andino S.A. , developing new biocide technology that incorporates copper and zinc into polymeric materialities.


Our Model

Through patented investigations and with a model of technological transference, we developed diverse uses and applications to it’s biocide technology based in copper and zinc, providing raw material, inputs for production and finished products with antimicrobial protection worldwide.

As today we have products that are developed alongside with brands that are positioned as leaders in the national and international market, Products such as socks, melamine worktops. underwear. scrubs and medical clothing, security clothing. white clothing, sandals, make up, technological and security objects, and more.

We are looking for top notch partners to take our technology to different brands across the globe.

Other properties of this metals in which Copper Andino has been able to innovate to put it at the service of people is the positive effects that has on skin, improving it’s tonality and helping the wound healing process.