Copper Andino, technology in copper


Copper Andino, tecnologia y aplicaciones en cobre

Copper Andino’s antimicrobial technology eliminates 99,90% of fungi and bacteria in an hour.

This is possible by combining salts of copper and zinc generating synergy in its biocidal action achieving a higher activity from iones than both metals in separate. This way, we can create an invisible barrier between the infection source and people.


El cobre te lleva energía eléctrica Desde que comenzamos nuestro día, el cobre está presente en nuestras vidas. Al ser un metal clave a la hora de generar y distribuir la electricidad, gracias a su alta conductividad eléctrica, al momento que enciendas la primera luz del día, el cobre se encuentra presente. A la hora de crear productos eléctricos de buena calidad, el cobre es el metal preferido de las... Leer más


  • Copper Andino, aplicaciones en cobre 

  • Copper Andino, aplicaciones en cobre 

  • Copper Andino, aplicaciones en cobre 

  •  Copper Andino, aplicaciones en cobre 

Because it’s incorporated in polymers, our technology gives it’s antimicrobial properties to the most common materials used in actuality for production of contact surfaces and wardrobe, such as polyester, polypropylene, Polyethylene, ABS. PVC, polyurethane, TPR and polycarbonate, aside of melamines and membranes.



  • Monarch®’s socks, panties and underwear respective to all their main clothing and sports lines.
  • Peruggi®’s socks in their main clothing and sports lines.
  • Vesto®’s biocide melamine panels by Empresas Arauco.
  • Rehau®’s edge covers, for furniture design and general construction.
  • Kimba Pets®’s post-hospitalization clothing designed for cats and dogs, with Copper Andino’s biocide technology.
  • Fahneu®’s exercise machines and games designed for Chilean parks with biocide properties, due to the addition of Copper Andino’s technology.
  • Bash®’s padlocks and furniture design with Copper Andino’s biocide technology.
  • Toallas Lourdes®’s towels with Copper Andino’s biocide technology.
  • Vicsa Safety®’s diverse personal protection equipment with biocide properties due to Copper Andino’s technology.
  • Meditech®’s hospital clothing and non woven disposable medical supplies with Copper Andino’s technology.
  • Syn®’s computer peripherals: keyboards, mice, pendrives and cases. With Copper Andino’s technology.
  • Bertonati®’s last generation ambulances.
  • Hoffens®’s innovative siphons lines for sinks and dishwashers.

Strategic Partners

  • Codelco y Codelco Lab
  • Copptech
  • ICC Biotech, a join venture fron China

Production of contact surfaces and wardrobe

  • Antimicrobial polymers
  • Antimicrobial membrane
  • Antimicrobial melamine